Essential investments into crypto assets and blockchain companies.

“Blockchain and crypto currencies will reshape finance just as the internet did communication.”

– Mike Novogratz

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Cryptology is the leading European asset manager and investor in crypto assets and blockchain-related business models.

Founded by Christian Angermayers’ family office Apeiron Investment Group, the company aims to become the leading crypto asset holding in Europe.

Cryptology both takes minority and majority stakes in crypto and blockchain related companies as well as in tokens and crypto currencies. Furthermore, Cryptology has a significant amount of fee-baring assets under management.

Cryptology has a cooperative approach and partners with leading global crypto investors.

Blockchain Technology…

  • … is recognized as THE driving force of the fourth industrial revolution: towards a radically decentralized world.

  • … has the potential to change our society as we know it today – fundamentally.

  • … is likely to enter the stage on a bumpy stairway – due to regulatory uncertainty, exaggeration, hype, bubbles and all the typical effects that come as a byproduct whenever new technologies emerge.

  • … resembles the internet boom in the 90’s. Back then, there were many overhyped companies and promises that did not materialize. But: The digital revolution in the end created large corporates like Google, Facebook and Amazon.

  • … and crypto-currencies are here to stay. But to make most out of it, one needs to have access to the key figures in the industry, to be an expert, to work hand in hand with regulators, to be experienced, to mitigate the undoubtedly great risks and volatility and to be willing to learn and adapt constantly.

  • … deserves the same attitude as every revolution: An entrepreneurial approach is the best way to harvest the huge opportunities and mitigate the risks this market offers.

  • … needs a cooperative approach: We have access to an exclusive network of leading founders and investors in the crypto space, and have assembled a multi-disciplinary team with experience across VC investing, portfolio management, capital markets, operations and blockchain technology.


Blockchain Institutionalization. Blockchain is the 3rd wave of the internet and is on the cusp of institutionalization after 10 years of growth and development.


We embrace the blockchain revolution. We aim to become the leading European investor into crypto assets and blockchain related business models.

ManagementJefim Gewiet


ManagementDr. jur. Jörg Werner

(Non-Exec Chairman)

Advisory BoardMike Novogratz
Advisory BoardChristian Angermayer
Advisory BoardJoram Voelklein