Cryptology Weekly NAV update: 21st July 21

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As of July 21st 2021, Cryptology Asset Group’s Net Asset Value (NAV) is estimated at €153.51/share.

In general, in the NAV, all of Cryptology’s portfolio companies are either valued at cost or, if there has been a more recent financing round/valuation event involving 3rd-party investors, then we have taken this more recent valuation. Stock-market-listed portfolio companies have been valued according to their market price.

As one of our largest portfolio companies, Block.One’s balance sheet contains an enormous amount of liquidity, primarily in USD and Bitcoin. Given the strength of their balance sheet, it would paint a misleading picture for us to continue valuing our Block.One holding according to our entry valuation. Hence, we have decided to include Block.One according to a fair approximation of their own NAV. Since this valuation does not include the value of the operational business of Block.One, we consider this to be a conservative valuation.

Besides this exception, Cryptology’s NAV calculation is prepared in accordance with IFRS standards

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