Corporate Presentations

Our goal is to maintain a continuous and open dialogue with our shareholders and the capital market. We would like to provide you with comprehensive and timely information so that you can correctly assess the value and potential of the Cryptology Asset Group and get in touch with us.

The Share

Authorised Capital: 64,000,000 Ordinary shares of €0.05 each.
Issued Capital: 57,217,500 Ordinary Shares of €0.05 each.
ISIN: MT0001770107
Stock Exchange: Open market Boerse Duesseldorf

Financial Calendar

Audited Financial statements by 30th June 2022
Annual General Meeting by 30th June 2022
Financial Statements as at 30th June 2022 to be submitted by 30th September 2022.

General Meetings




Financial Statements

Empirical Research

Cryptology and Iconic Funds release new empirical research report on the value drivers of leading crypto assets.


GBC AG has updated their independent research report on Cryptology Asset Group with a ‘Buy’ rating and a price target of €18.35.
Cryptology CEO Patrick Lowry conducts a management interview reviewing progress made in 2021 with GBC AG, which upholds its ‘Buy’ rating for Cryptology with a price target of €18.35


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