NYDIG Announces Acquisition of Cryptology Portfolio Company, Bitcoin Payments App, Bottlepay

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Cryptology previously participated in the seed round of Bottlepay

Malta, 1.11.2021. Cryptology Asset Group (ISIN: MT0001770107; Ticker: CAP:GR), a leading European holding company for crypto assets and blockchain-related business models, announced its portfolio company, Bitcoin payments app, Bottlepay, has been acquired by NYDIG. Financial terms of the acquisition have yet to be publicly disclosed, according to the official announcement from NYDIG. 

Established in 2019, Bottlepay set out to solve what founder Pete Cheyne called “the greatest unsolved problem in finance.” By leveraging Bitcoin’s Lightning Network, Bottlepay has broken down barriers to make global micropayments a reality. Previously, these small payments were uneconomical due to the high service fees charged on traditional payment rails. Users can send payments in bitcoin or other currencies like pounds and euros instantly and without fees. The app is available throughout the UK and Europe and offers multiple integrations with some of the world’s largest social networks like Twitter and Discord.

The acquisition will allow NYDIG to integrate Bottlepay’s Lightning Network infrastructure into its existing full-stack Bitcoin platform. NYDIG’s Bitcoin platform is built to the highest security, regulatory, and operational standards.

Christian Angermayer, founding shareholder of Cryptology, said “We always say there are ‘hidden reserves’ in the Cryptology portfolio that are not reflected in our estimated NAV calc. The NYDIG acquisition of Bottlepay, at a substantially higher valuation than when we invested in the seed round, is a perfect example of these hidden reserves that benefit our investors immensely.”

Cryptology CEO, Patrick Lowry, added “We are elated that Bottlepay, one of Cryptology’s smaller holdings, has been acquired by NYDIG! The acquisition is a testament to the value of Cryptology’s highly curated portfolio of blockchain companies and the immense upside the crypto industry offers. Most investors can only get indirect access to such exclusive, privately-held companies through owning Cryptology’s publicly-traded shares, and we are proud to make such opportunities more accessible to our shareholders.” 

Cryptology shares currently trade on several German exchanges including Börse Düsseldorf, Gettex and Tradegate. In order to increase trading liquidity and open up to new shareholder groups, Cryptology is currently exploring an international listing. 

About Cryptology Asset Group p.l.c.

Cryptology Asset Group (ISIN: MT0001770107; Ticker: CAP:GR) is a leading European holding company for crypto assets and blockchain-related business models. Founded by Christian Angermayer’s family office, Apeiron Investment Group, and crypto-legend Mike Novogratz, Cryptology is the largest publicly traded holding company for blockchain- and crypto-based business models in Europe. Noteworthy portfolio companies include crypto-giant and EOSIO software publisher Block.one, leading HPC provider Northern Data, commission-free online neobroker nextmarkets, and crypto asset management group Iconic Holding. 

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Cryptology Asset Group p.l.c.
Jefim Gewiet (COO)
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Sliema SLM 1707 Malta
Tel.: +356 799 85 85 1
E-mail: info@cryptology-ag.com

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